I have been fascinated by photography.  I remember flipping through photo albums that my parents and grandparents put together, looking fondly at my loved ones.  The vacations and road trips my family took were a time for me to experiment with disposable cameras and pharmacy film.  My family still has many photographs that we took on such trips, as well as holidays and special occasions at home, such as our annual tradition of dyeing eggs on Easter.

My love for photography didn’t become a passion for taking “serious” photos until much later. Instead of learning the craft of photography, I pursued other creative avenues like music in my teenage years and early 20s.  I’ve always enjoyed being creative but I never quite felt like I found the right avenue for expression.

All of that changed when I moved to Boston at the age of 24.  I began exploring the city and taking photos with my Fuji point-and-shoot camera everywhere I went.  As I made more and more images, my desire to learn and master the art of photography grew.  My father gave me a Canon 40D as a Christmas present and I began spending countless hours shooting and learning from videos and articles I found on the internet.

Today, my love of photography and my skills have grown in ways I never imagined.  I organized and completed a portrait project last summer, discovered a love for shooting film, and started a Youtube channel dedicated to photography.

Photographing people is my passion.  I love capturing moments and emotions with my camera.  The images I create give a window into the person’s world and into my own as well.  I encourage you to look closer.