Best Focal Length for Portraits - 50mm vs 85mm (Full Frame) Comparison

Choosing the right lens for portrait photography can be a difficult proposition.  There are lots of different focal lengths, features and options to consider.  Add to that the layer of wildly varying photographers' opinions, and the prospect of choosing a lens can become downright overwhelming.

In this video, I explore the differences between two of the most commonly used focal lengths for portrait photography - the 50mm and 85mm focal lengths.  I enjoy shooting with them both, but there are some notable differences.  Which do I prefer?  Watch the video to find out :)


About the Author

Dan Bullman is a portrait photographer and YouTuber based in Boston. He produces educational videos, gear reviews and other content to make you a better photographer faster.  His videos have been viewed over 1 million times.  His portrait work has been featured on accounts like @moodyports @followingboston and @portraitmeet.