Photographing People is My Passion

This was originally published on my old Zenfolio website in September 2015.

I got asked the other day why I started shooting portrait photography.  Wasn’t I crafting a blog around street photography?  Aren’t those two things divergent?  It got me thinking about my motivations for why I’ve taken a different creative direction in my recent work.  The answer is – photographing people is my passion.

I began shooting street photography because I love urban life.  It’s exciting to be out on the streets with my camera, observing people, and seeking out interesting moments to capture in a photograph (or series of photographs).  But I realized recently that there is a deeper aspect to why I shoot street photography.  And it’s that I love people.  Photographs without people are boring to me.  It always feel like they are lacking something.  Landscape and wildlife photography is often very beautiful, but it just doesn’t resonate with me.

I see portrait photography as complementary to my candid street work, with the unifying aspect being people as the main subject.  It is an extension of my love and passion for people.  I get a rush when I get back from a portrait session and discover I’ve made a few images that I really enjoy.  It is very satisfying to polish them up and share them with the people I photographed, as well as my friends and family via social media.

Yes, I initially set out to create my website and blog as a place to showcase my street photography.  But as I have delved deeper into portraiture, I’ve realized that it has become an inseparable aspect of my photographic projects.  In the near future, I plan to use my website and blog as a platform to showcase and talk about both portrait and street photography.  I will be writing a post soon about upcoming projects and things I’ll be working on in the fall.  One of those things is posting more on this blog, so stay tuned!