Top 10 Portrait Feature Accounts on Instagram

1. PURSUIT OF PORTRAITS (@pursuitofportraits)

Pursuit of Portraits, or PoP, is a great community of portrait photographers. Some of the most stunning work I’ve seen has been featured on this page. One of the things I really like about PoP is that they feature a diverse group of photographers and models — as opposed to solely posting pictures of beautiful white women taken by white dudes. In addition to featuring the work of an awesome array of portrait photographers from all over the globe, PoP also hosts Instameets in New York City and produces a print photography magazine.

2. MOODY PORTS (@moodyports)

This is the sister page of the wildly popular MoodyGrams (@moodygrams). Lots of excellent work gets featured on this page and I take a lot of inspiration from the photography that is shared. The images tend to be a bit dark and… well, moody, but that’s a style I really appreciate and enjoy. If you’re looking for super happy and bubbly portraits, then this page probably isn’t for you.

3. PORTRAIT GAMES (@portraitgames)

This community is affiliated with the feature page, A Game of Tones (@agameoftones). It is similar to Moody Ports in terms of the style of work that gets featured (sometimes you’ll even see the same images get featured on both accounts). Again, the style of work that gets featured here tends to be moody and dark. I take a lot of inspiration from photos I see on Portrait Games.

4. PORTRAIT MEET (@portraitmeet)

Founded by Boston-based photographer @canahtam, Portrait Meet is a community of photographers and models that frequently hosts in-person meetups for people to get together, network and shoot photos. They also feature work of portrait photographers and models from around the world. I think the best part of Portrait Meet is the community aspect. If you’re ever in Boston, I highly recommend attending a portrait meet. And if you want to host a meet in your own town, feel free to reach out to Portrait Meet to find out how.

5. FRIENDS IN MY FEED (@friendsinmyfeed)

Friends in My Feed is an Instagram account dedicated to posting creative portraits that photographers take of their friends. This is a really cool concept that breaks the mold of “chasing likes” based on posting pictures of attractive women (which is a troubling reality in the portrait photography community on Instagram). Recently, the group held their first in-person meetup in Boston and hope to host other meetups around the country in the future.

6. POST THE PEOPLE (@postthepeople)

Post the People was created by Matt Allen “to share photos and stories of the most important thing in our lives: People.” The page features super creative and interesting portrait shots. It often includes background stories in the caption that tells the story of the photographer and the people in the photograph. The people included are very diverse and so are the styles of portraiture.

7. PORTRAITS MF (@portraits_mf)

I’m not sure why this page is called “Portraits: Male Female” since it mostly just consists of pictures of pretty women. However, the work is stellar and I always get a little inspiration from their features.

8. IG PODIUM PORTRAITS (@igpodium_portraits)

This page features almost exclusively headshots of attractive women. However, the work is really creative and interesting. I often enjoy the images I see here.

9. IG PORTRAITS (@ig.portraits)

IG Portraits features portraits and self-portraits. This is one of my favorite pages on Instagram and I like the tones and vibes of the images they feature. Tag #xelfies for a chance to be featured.

10. SHOOT LIKE A BOSS (@shootlikeaboss)

Last, but certainly not least, is @shootlikeaboss. This page was launched by portrait photograph Ross Curry (@rossthephotoboss) as an opportunity to feature other photographers who are doing more than chasing trends. It’s a relatively young page but is already gaining some traction in the portrait community. Tag #shootlikeaboss for the opportunity to have your work featured.

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