15 Must-Watch Film Photography Youtube Channels

Besides the obvious choice of subscribing to my Youtube channel [nudge, nudge] there are a number of talented creators who are producing regular video content that celebrates film photography.  While this list is not comprehensive, here are 15 film photography Youtubers that you must check out.


Negative Feedback has quickly become one of the largest Youtube channels focused on analog photography.  And if you watch their videos, it’s easy to see why.  As opposed to the numerous gear review channels, Negative Feedback blends together stunning, cinematic visuals to tell stories about shooting different cameras and film.  Even if you’re not interested in photography, this channel is entertaining.  There is also a Negative Feedback Facebook group, which brings together film photographs from all over the world to yak it up about film.

My favorite videos from George and the gang:

Large Format Portraits with Jack Harries

Instant Film Comparison


Eduardo’s channel is low-key my favorite channel on all of Youtube.  The guy is just super friendly and enjoyable to listen to.  Based in Hastings, UK, Eduardo grew a popular following on Youtube with his Shoot Film episodes.  In these videos, viewers get a front-row seat to watch Eduardo and (sometimes guests) produce stunning analog street photography with a variety of different film stocks and cameras.  He also provides great educational content about how to develop and scan your own film at home.  DIY-types will definitely enjoy Eduardo’s channel.

My favorite videos from Eduardo:

Shoot Film - Hasselblad X-Pan 90mm f/4

Shoot Film #5 - Nishika N8000 and Ilford FP4+


It’s exceedingly fun to watch Ade Torrent explore the facets of various vintage cameras, many of which have been long forgotten by the majority of the analog crowd.  Ade’s voice is captivating (maybe it’s the British accent?) and draws you into the camera or lens he’s describing over a soundtrack of groovy jazz music.  All his videos are shot in a contrasty black and white aesthetic as well, which adds to the vintage vibes.  Lately he’s been producing content that’s more about the experience of photography than the gear itself.  Film lovers will certainly find something they love on Ade’s channel.

My favorite videos from Ade:

Olympus OM-1 || Greatest SLR Ever?

Zeiss Super Ikonta 530


Matt Day has built a large following and trusted reputation in the film community with his in-depth camera reviews and lighting videos.  If you’re looking to learn about the technical aspects of a particular camera, then Matt is your guy.  I have learned more about film cameras from Matt than anyone else on Youtube (except maybe Ted Forbes).  In addition to Youtube, he also has a photography podcast called The Shoot.  Be sure to check that out as well.  He’s also just a really nice and down-to-Earth guy.  If you love film, then you will love Matt Day’s content.

My favorite videos from Matt:

Mamiya RZ67 Overview

Pentax K1000 - Best Intro to Shooting Film


While Imogen’s videos cover a lot of topics outside of film photography, she does have some awesome videos about Polaroids.  She shares her experiences of shooting Polaroids from both the perspective of a model and a photographer.  Check out her channel for some instant magic.

My favorite videos from Imogen:

Digital, Film or Polaroid?

Polaroid portrait - how to take a great Polaroid photograph, tips for models and photographers


I originally thought this was some sort of weird vegan travel channel (which I guess it was?), but there are some pretty cool videos about analog photography.  Dana and Lou create vlogs that often incorporate them shooting 35mm film.  If you like content about the experience of shooting film (more so than gear reviews) then definitely check out this channel.  Also, no offense intended, vegans ;)

My favorite videos from Dana and Lou:

How to Shoot 35mm Film (Story 1)

Developing 35mm Color Film at Home: Tetenal Colortec C-41 (Snippet 30)


Erik can be best described as a dude who loves beer, hiking, cats and film photography.  He covers all sorts of topics from film stock reviews, medium and large format photography, and landscape photography.  His viewer submission videos have provided a unique way to bring film photographers together on Youtube.  Also, his livestream Q&A videos gave me a push to launch my podcast and interview other photographs live on my channel.  Head over to Erik’s channel, give him some thumbs up and subscribe.

My favorite videos from Erik:

Film vs Digital: Why Choose?

Kodak Ektar 100: Color Negative Film


Mike Janik is an interesting, kind of quirky, individual.  I mean this in a good way - his videos are very entertaining he’s clearly very dedicated to promoting film photography.  He’s only got a handful of videos on his channel but they’re all gold (and not just because of the orange paint on the wall behind him).  Check out Mike’s channel if you need a change of pace from stuffy, technical gear reviews.

My favorite videos from Mike:

13 Film Photography Hacks

Nikon F3 - Nikon’s Crown Jewel


This channel is a relative newcomer to the film photography Youtube community and they are putting out great content.  Alexander founded Active Capture to document his process of learning to shoot film photography and to provide inspiration for others who are interested in shooting analog photography.  There are lots of vlogs and travel videos that show Alexander and his friends shooting different types of film.  Check it out.

My favorite videos from Active Capture:

Lomography Color Negative 100 Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Ilford Delta 3200 | High Speed Film - Night Exploration


Launched by Travis Mortz, Foresthill Filmlab is one of the best sources on Youtube for information about vintage Nikon gear (take that, Angry Photographer!).  But there is more to his channel than just Nikon.  He provides no-nonsense reviews about instant film cameras like the Lomo’Instant Wide and also encourages people to just get out there and start shooting film.  Also, the dude’s got a sick beard.  Head on over to Travis’s channel and say hello.

My favorite videos from Tyler:

Nikon Lens Buying Guide

Lomo Instant Wide Pros and Cons


One of my biggest beefs with the online film photography community is that it can often be elitist and condescending to people who ask honest questions or are just getting started (just see the comment threads on pretty much any post in the Film Photographers Facebook group…).  That is why channels like Shawnee Union, produced by Dan Dao, are so important.  Dan creates videos that are geared towards people just getting into film photography.  Don’t know what to look for when buying a used camera or lens?  Or need a video to teach you about that AE-1 your uncle gave you?  Check out Shawnee Union for the answers.

My favorite videos from Dan:

Getting Started with Film Cameras

Buying Vintage Lenses Part 1: Dealbreakers


eric kim.jpg

Eric Kim is a somewhat controversial figure in the photography community, especially since he published an article on how he makes over $200,000 a year from his workshops and other products.  I’ve always really enjoyed his content and his videos about shooting street photos on film were part of what inspired me to get into analog photography.  Some of my favorite videos show Eric mounting a GoPro on his Leica and demonstrating how he approached street photography.

My favorite videos from Eric:

Street Photography POV in Downtown LA with Leica M6 and GoPro

Interview with Daniel Arnold


Go big or go home - Ben Horne is the man when it comes to large format film photography.  I still haven’t gotten into large format photography (though I really want to at some point) so I experience it vicariously through Ben’s videos.  I’m also too lazy for hiking so he’s got me covered there too.  This channel is a landscape photographer’s dream.  Definitely check it out.

My favorite videos from Ben:

Death Valley 2017 (Unfinished Business)

Comparing Digital and Large Format Technique


David Hancock is an OG film photography Youtuber with over 500 videos on his channel.  His camera video manuals are very useful if you’re looking to learn how to use a particular camera.  He also produces very detailed film stock reviews that go into the nitty, gritty technical aspects of different stocks.  Super film geeks will definitely find something to love here.

My favorite videos from David:

How To: Start Trails Photography with a 35mm FILM SLR

All About Film: Fuji Natura 1600


Speaking of OG Youtubers, no list would be complete without Ted Forbes.  Ted has been making Youtube videos for 8 years and most of his early content was about film photography.  I have learned a lot from Ted’s extensive catalog of videos and I always enjoy listening to his insights.  While he doesn’t produce as much content about film photography these days, his channel is definitely worth watching.

My favorite videos from Ted:

Pentacon Six


Bonus Channels

There were a few other great channels that I discovered after I initially published this list.  So here's an update for 2018 :)

  • Awesome Cameras - Joey Ready brings you reviews of cameras from his various thrift store hunts.  Lots of videos about Polaroids and 35mm film.  Awesome Cameras has quickly become one of my favorite YouTube channels.
  • Alan Brock - Join Alan for his adventures in large format landscape photography.

I hope you all found some new video content to explore on film photography. What are your favorite channels?  Do you know of any that I left out?  I would love to hear about other creators.

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