Matt Day's Favorite Film Cameras - A Livestream Interview

In this episode of the Dan Bullman Photography Podcast, I interview film photographer and Youtuber, Matt Day. I've learned so much about analog cameras from Matt's channel and his work has been inspirational to me. This interview was initially streamed live on my Youtube channel back in March.

I knew it would be difficult for Matt to choose his favorite cameras.  He ended up selecting one instant film camera, one rangefinder 35mm camera (can you guess which one?) and one medium format camera.  Listen to the episode to see which cameras he chose.

But we didn't only talk about gear.  Matt opened up about his feelings on Instagram, livestreaming video, the Impossible Project, launching a Youtube channel and podcast.  He also discussed the difficulty of losing his father and the importance of photographing your loved ones.

We initially set out to do a one hour episode but ended up talking for 90 minutes.  I definitely plan to have Matt back on the podcast/Youtube channel for round two in the future.  I hope you enjoy this episode.