The Life Changing Magic of Portrait Photography

Now it might sound a little extreme to say that portrait photography can change your life.  I would have thought the same thing a few years ago.

Today I’m going to share a couple stories about the life changing magic of portrait photography.

Transformation in Boston

I started shooting portraits about two and a half years ago.  I had recently moved to Boston and I didn’t have that many friends here yet.  

Between two part-time jobs and graduate school, I didn’t have much time to get out and connect with people.  I spent most of my free time exploring Boston on my own and taking pictures of buildings.

Eventually I started taking pictures of some friends and acquaintances I had met through graduate school.  I quickly fell in love with the one-on-one connections I was making through the use of my camera.


After all, portrait photography is inherently about people.  It gives you the opportunity to connect with many different individuals and build relationships.

From there I branched out and started attending local photography meetups where I connected with other photographers and models.  This completely transformed my social circle and changed the course of my life.  

After all I probably wouldn’t have launched this YouTube channel if I didn’t find that community in my life.

Daniel Nova Jr's Story

One photographer I met in the community here is Daniel Nova Jr., who has been in several of my videos.  I was interviewing him at a Portrait Meet back in April and he shared a similar story about how portrait photography changed his life.

Watch Daniel talk about his experience in the clip below:

In this clip, Daniel shares how portrait photography transformed his social life.

This is why I’m so passionate about sharing photography tutorials and tips with you here on YouTube.  I wanna share these opportunities with you to expand your life, in ways you or I can’t imagine.

Now there’s only so much that I can share with you in the limited time of these YouTube videos.  It’s hard to deliver trainings on YouTube because of all the distractions of ads and other videos competing for your attention.

Portraits Over Everything Academy

This is why I’ve decided to create a video course to walk you through all the steps to becoming a portrait photographer, even if you’re starting from zero.  Tomorrow I’m going to be sharing a limited time offer on this new training.

So if you’re ready to make this transformation in your life and experience the benefits portrait photography has to offer, be sure to tune into my video tomorrow to find out how you can enroll in Portraits Over Everything Academy.