6 Creative Poses Every Photographer Should Try - featuring @felice.c0m [BLOG & VIDEO]

In this post you will learn six creative poses that every photographer should try.

1. The Thinker

Model @lookherup

Model @lookherup

Have you model cross her arms and place one hand under her chin.

This is an easy pose to direct and always looks good with models, regardless of her experience level.

2. "I Hate My Life" Pose


This pose is more about creating a mood than adhering to specific hand positions.

Work with your model to convey an angry, angsty mood with his poses.



3. Power Pose

Model @lookherup

Model @lookherup

With this pose, seek to convey power and beauty with your model.

4. "Fix Your Cufflinks, Sir"


Have your model adjust his sleeves or cufflinks.

Idle hands look awkward during shoots so give him something to do with his hands.

5. Throw Ya Hands Up

Model @lookherup

Model @lookherup

Create variation until you get the look you want.

6. "Why You Looking At Me?" Pose


This is another angsty look.


Conclusion - Keep Practicing

Keep practicing and directing your models until you get more confident and get a look that you like.

If you want to level up your posing game, definitely get your hands on a copy of my free Portrait Poses Swipe File (download below).


About the Author

Dan Bullman is a portrait photographer and YouTuber based in Boston. He produces educational videos, gear reviews and other content to make you a better photographer faster. His videos have been viewed over 1 million times. His portrait work has been featured on accounts like @moodyports @followingboston and @portraitmeet.