101 Portrait Photography Tips [E-BOOK]


101 Portrait Photography Tips [E-BOOK]

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101 Portrait Photography Tips is packed full of actionable advice that you can start using today to help elevate your portrait photography game to new heights.

And unlike the many long-winded photo tutorials, this book is packed full of tips that you can consume in a single reading.

Do you struggle with directing models? Or coming up with ideas for photo shoots? The tips in this e-book will help solve some of your portrait problems now.


  1. Inspiration and Planning

  2. Lighting and Composition

  3. Shooting Details

  4. Posing

  5. Editing

  6. Creative Challenges

  7. Social Media

  8. People

  9. What’s Next & About the Author

27 pages, PDF (delivered via download link to your email upon purchase).


Dan Bullman is a portrait photographer and YouTuber based in Boston. He produces educational videos, gear reviews and other content to make you a better photographer faster. His videos have been viewed over 1 million times. His portrait work has been featured on accounts like @moodyports @followingboston and @portraitmeet.

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